Design and UX

Our brilliant designers use our unique creative process to concept and create the most delightful experiences.
User flows

User flows

User flows give a high level understanding of the system that can be shared with your business, visualising how the user moves through the intended experience.

UI sketching and wireframing

UI sketching and wireframing

We draw the potential layouts of the user interface on paper, so we can iterate through different concepts quickly. We then digitise the chosen design path to add fidelity and beautiful detail. These form the basis for our early prototypes.

Visual and motion design

Visual and motion design

We bring your brand to life on screen through the elegant beauty and rhythm of the interface.

Interactive prototyping and user-testing

Interactive prototyping and user-testing

We can create interactive demos of all or part of the intended user experience. We test multiple concepts quickly and iterate the product accordingly. We test a version of the app with real devices and real people, so we can simulate on a small scale how it will perform at launch.

Asset production

Asset production

Once a visual direction for the product has been agreed, we’ll provide the assets required to build out your delightful experience. If required, we’ll also create detailed design documentation to aid sign off and roll out.

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